Stop menu diving. Start finding.


Digging down in Plug-in menus in Logic Pro is tedious and takes you out of the creative flow. You need to dive into menu's and submenus just trying to find the Plug-in you wanted. Wouldn't it be great to be able to just type the name of the Plug-in and have Logic insert it for you?

Unfortunately, Logic Pro doesn't allow for text-based Plug-in search. PlugSearch solves that problem once and for all.

How it works.

Step 1

Activate the PlugSearch popover for any empty Audio FX, Instrument or MIDI FX slot with a single keystroke.

step 2

Start searching for any native or 3rd-party Plug-in, and select a Plug-in from the results.

step 3

Press enter or double click, and PlugSearch puts the Plug-in in the empty insert slot.


See PlugSearch in action.

Do More Than Search.


Don't want that Plug-in? With a single keypress PlugSearch removes any Plug-in from an occupied insert slot.


Feeling lucky? Type a question mark and PlugSearch selects a random Plug-in for you. Yes, of course you can put a stereo delay on a sub boom kick!


Disable Plug-ins so they won't appear in your search results. Perfect for expired trials or UAD Plug-ins you don't own.

In A Nutshell.

PlugSearch does the hard work for you. Think of a Plug-in, type a few letters, and PlugSearch finds it for you. No more menu diving.

PlugSearch is a utility that lives in the Finder taskbar. It has a minimum system and memory load and adds Plug-in search functionallity to Logic Pro.

" This amazing app has become my new best friend. After using Logic for twenty years
the days of scrolling thru endless plugin menus are finally over. It really makes a huge difference to my workflow. Highly recommended! "

Dan Leary
London, UK 

" PlugSearch is a must-have time saver for any busy composer, producer or engineer who uses a Logic Pro. As professionals in the music business we are always under a tight deadline or just want to focus on being creative. Once you start using PlugSearch, there will be no going back. "

Daniel Alcheh
Los Angeles, CA

“PlugSearch is pretty much the best thing I purchased for my workflow. I can’t imagine using Logic without it.”

Bochum, Germany


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• Text-based Plug-in search
• Search by Plug-in manufacturer
• Hide Plug-ins from search results
• Insert double-mono or mono to stereo Plug-ins
• Remove Plug-in from insert slot with single key-press
• Custom assignable key commands
• Plug-in usage statistics
• Installed Plug-in statistics
• Plug-in Database manager
• Launch at login

system requirements

• Logic Pro 10.4.5 or higher
• MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher *
• PlugSearch category in Logic Pro **

* PlugSearch is compatible with Big Sur, running as an intel application in Rosetta 2.

** PlugSearch requires a category named 'PlugSearch' containing all Logic Pro's native Plug-ins. This needs to be setup only once, and does not interfere with any other custom Plug-in category.