Logic Pro Presets

Easy access to 3rd-party factory presets.

A Trip To The Library.

When you are producing, mixing or mastering in Logic Pro X, skipping through presets of your favourite plugins should be fast and easy. But major Plug-in developers each have their own implementation of accessing and browsing through presets, often implying clicking on tiny icons, and no shortcuts. What if you could use Logic Pro's own clever universal preset Library system and keyboard shortcuts for fast and easy access?

The Logic Pro Presets bundle contains thousands and thousands of factory presets that come with major Plugin bundles converted to native Logic Pro X format. Get universal access to presets from the drop-down menu within each Plug-in or from Logic's Library window. Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly skip through presets.

Universal Access

26.000+ PRESETS

All the factory presets from Waves Mercury, UAD Powered Plugins, SoundToys, and the
FabFilter Total Bundle


Use Logic's Library to search for presets. Use key commands to skip through presets.


Use each Plug-in main menu to select a preset for a consistent experience.

Watch How It Works.


Save Time. Make More Music.

If you invested in the best Plug-ins the music industry has to offer, with presets from the world's best producers, then you want the best possible access to these presets.


Lifetime license for $20



Combine with PlugSearch and GainControl.

SAVE 40%

SAVE 40%

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• Over 26.000 factory presets converted to native Logic Pro format from the following bundles:

Waves Mercury
FabFilter Total
SoundToys V5
UAD Powered Plug-ins *

* UADx (Spark) presets are not included

• Free updates when new Plug-ins are released
• All presets are checked, named and organised in the same folder structure as the original factory presets, and can be used in combination with your own custom presets.

IMPORTANT: This product does not include any Plug-ins. You have to own the Plug-ins in order to use the presets. Also, the presets in this product are the presets that come with the original Plug-ins, converted to Logic Pro.

system requirements

• Logic Pro 10.2 or higher
• MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) or higher