Welcome to Speakerfood.

I'm Rinus Aarts. CEO / Boss / Head / Owner / Founder (or whatever you like to call it) of Speakerfood.

But mainly I'm a composer, sound designer, mix engineer and the voice of a purple rabbit in a Dutch TV-series for children. Too bad my kids don't believe that.

Way back, in 1996, I got my university degree in Artificial Intelligence. Actually went to Penn State for a year to study how people move their arms. My big friend was "Pinky", a stick figure on a Macintosh SE that took 3 days to calculate how to point to a disc. Too bad I couldn't take him out for a beer.

But I was already fiddling with computers and MIDI since 1988. My first synth was the now legendary, amazing, fantastic.. - insert Superman theme here - .. Roland D-5. And my dream was to own a music studio. So I made every effort to make this happen, and so it happened and I've been running my studio since 2002.

As I work with Logic Pro as my main DAW since 2000, I have followed its development and welcomed most of the new features with every release. But - and this will be familiar to most of you - it also lacks some basic functionality that has been available for other DAW's for years.

But instead of sitting back, I took up the development of PlugSearch, which is the #1 feature I was missing for all my audio tasks. I'm constantly thinking of new features I will add to it while maintaining the simple user interface. It has become such a major tool in my production work, and I hope it will be for all of you.

And the native Logic presets for my major plug-in bundles help me find presets quick. It took ages to convert these thousands of presets. But then again, I was used to waiting for a stick figure point to a disc for three days.