About Us.

(Me, actually)

I'm Rinus Aarts. CEO / Boss / Head / Owner / Founder (or whatever you like to call it) of Speakerfood.

But mainly I'm a composer, sound designer, mix engineer and the voice of a purple rabbit in a Dutch TV-series for children. Too bad my kids don't believe that.

Way back, in 1996, I got my university degree in Artificial Intelligence. Actually went to Penn State for a year to study how people move their arms. My big friend was "Pinky", a stick figure on a Macintosh SE that took 3 days to calculate how to point to a disc. Too bad I couldn't take him out for a beer.

But I was already fiddling with computers and MIDI since 1988. My first synth was the now legendary, amazing, fantastic.. - insert Superman theme here - .. Roland D-5. And my dream was to own a music studio. So I made every effort to make this happen, and so it happened and I've been running my studio since 2002.

As I work with Logic Pro as my main DAW since 2000, I have followed its development and welcomed most of the new features with every release. But - and this will be familiar to most of you - it also lacks some basic functionality that has been available for other DAW's for years.

But instead of sitting back, I took up the development of PlugSearch, which is the #1 feature I was missing for all my audio tasks. I'm constantly thinking of new features I will add to it while maintaining the simple user interface. It has become such a major tool in my production work, and I hope it will be for all of you.

And the native Logic presets for my major plug-in bundles help me find presets quick. It took ages to convert these thousands of presets. But then again, I was used to waiting for a stick figure point to a disc for three days. 


Music & Sound Design

Vredestein New Horizons - Bart Veen


Hieronymus Trailer - Erik van Schaaik


Royal Gazelle Arroyo/Grenoble - B-wave


Opel / Feyenoord - Pit Film


Royal Netherlands Navy - Wirtz Film
NS Ons Verhaal - Wirtz Film


Under The Apple Tree (Sound Design) - Erik van Schaaik


Bever Sport - B-wave


Gouden Kalf Best Short Movie 2015 for “Under The Apple Tree” by Erik van Schaaik

NL Award for Emotional Impact 2017 at the KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival for the film “Bei Mir Bist Du Schön” by Bouwine Pool

The Silver Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in the category ‘Internal Communication’ for the film “NS Ons Verhaal” by Stetz

Gold World Medal for Best Soundtrack/Audio Mix at the 50th edition of the New York Festival for “Air France/KLM Synergy” by Stetz

Golden Giraffe for best creative event for Music Arrangement “Naamgeving Maasvlakte 2” by Stetz

Best B2B event, Best Event for Press/Media, Best Event Ambiance (B2B) for Music and Sound Design Volkswagen, Das Auto Beetle introduction in Malaysia (B-wave Creative Content / DVP China)


Volkswagen - Citroën - Coca Cola - KPN - Gazelle - Skoda - Audi - KLM / Air France - TNT - Miele - Amstel - Heineken - Vredestein - Seat - Nike