Puts you in control of region gain and fades.

Stop The Mouse.

And start using key commands and MIDI controllers to change the gain and fades of audio regions in Logic Pro. Something you do maybe hundreds of times in a session. However, Logic Pro has a very limited set of shortcuts to control gain and fades. Here's where GainControl comes in. As a little background application, it provides you with all the gain and fade shortcuts you need.



Assign an external MIDI controller to directly change the gain of any audio region in Logic Pro.

extensive key commands

Define no less than 15 different keyboard shortcuts to control two different gain steps, fade in, fade out and fade curves of audio regions.

set fade length

Use the key commands to increase or decrease the fade length by a fixed value.

How It Works.

GainControl is a background application that automatically launches at login. It operates on the gain and fade parameters in the Inspector window or in the floating Region window.

15-day trial

Try out GainControl for free for 15 days.

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• 15 custom key commands
• change gain up, down and reset
• apply fade in, out and reset
• apply fade in and out simultaneously
• custom gain change amounts
• custom fade length
• supports MIDI control
• launch at login


• Logic Pro 10.2 or higher
• MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher

GainControl is compatible with Apple Silicon