PlugSearch 3

Stop menu diving. Start finding.

The days of digging down in Plug-in menus in Logic Pro are over. PlugSearch allows you to do a text-based search, and automatically inserts the Plug-In in a split second. And with version 3, PlugSearch is the worlds first tool that automatically categorises all your Plug-Ins.


Drag & Drop

Drag any Plug-In from the floating, resizable window to Logic Pro. Drop it on any insert slot, the Track header or below existing Tracks to create a new Track with the Plug-In.


PlugSearch can now replace existing Plug-Ins and insert Plug-Ins in between occupied insert slots, or above the first Plug-In.


When the cursor is not at an insert slot, PlugSearch appears anywhere on your screen as a resizable, floating window. Selecting a Plug-In will automatically insert it on the first available insert slot of the selected Track.


PlugSearch displays Waves Plug-Ins like 'normal' Plug-Ins, so without the channel format extensions. It will automatically insert the correct one.


PlugSearch now automatically toggles the Inspector and Inspector Tiles if they hide insert slots.


Selecting an Instrument from the floating window automatically creates a new Track with the Instrument.


Easily search for any Plug-in in the PlugSearch popover window. With a single click or key press, PlugSearch puts the Plug-in right where you need it.


All your Plug-ins are automatically organised by type and manufacturer. Quickly see all your compressors, reverbs, and so on, and pick the one you need.


Use the number keys 1 to 9 or a MIDI Controller to insert your favourite Plug-In on the first available insert slot. Perfect for Stream Deck or similar devices.

PlugSearch 3

See it in action.


Key Features

•  Text-based Plug-in search

•  Search by Plug-in manufacturer or category

•  Hide Plug-ins from search results

•  Remove Plug-in from insert slot by key command

•  Plug-in usage statistics

•  Installed Plug-in statistics

•  Plug-in Manager

•  Automatic categorisation of all Plug-ins

•  User defined favourites with dedicated shortcut or MIDI CC message

•  Plug-In info panel

•  Google, YouTube and manufacturer quick links

•  Articulation Set search and insert

•  Support for MainStage 3

•  Option to show original name for Plug-ins with a custom name

•  Automatically hide unauthorised UAD Plug-Ins


•  When the cursor is not at an insert slot, PlugSearch opens as a floating, resizable window that can be positioned freely on the screen. Selecting a Plug-In will insert it in the first available insert slot in the Inspector. For Instruments, you can set the desired behaviour in the Preferences when the Instrument slot is already occupied: Replace, Create New Track, or Show Dialog.

•  You can now drag and drop Plug-Ins from the floating window to an insert slot, to a Track Header, or below existing Tracks.

•  PlugSearch will automatically toggle the Inspector or Inspector tiles when an insert slot is hidden

•  ’Search' now also works for occupied insert slots, replacing the existing Plug-In

•  ’Search’ now also works for the insert bar inbetween occupied Plug-In slots or above the first Plug-In

•  For Waves Plug-Ins, the correct channel configuration is automatically inserted

•  When PlugSearch is active, you can press Option to toggle between automatic or manual Plug-In channel format selection

•  Improved language detection: the system and Logic Pro can now be set to different languages

•  Performance speed setting in the preferences: for slower systems decrease the speed so PlugSearch waits longer before a new track is created

•  The ‘remove’ command now also works for bus sends slots in the Inspector or Mixer window

•  Command-A selects the complete search string in the search window

•  PlugSearch now automatically is paused when Spotlight search is triggered with command-space

Quick Remove

With a single keypress PlugSearch removes any Plug-in from an occupied insert slot.


Hide Plug-ins so they won't appear in your search results. PlugSearch can automatically detect which Universal Audio Plug-ins have not been authorised, and hide these from the search results.


Use the right arrow to open the Plug-in Panel. Quickly find information on Google, tutorials on YouTube, or visit the manufacturer website. Click the category buttons to show similar Plug-ins.

9.583 Plug-Ins... and counting.

PlugSearch is the worlds first tool that automatically categories your Plug-ins using its extensive and ever growing database. Thousands of Plug-ins have been manually assigned to up to three categories, and you can search by category name or dive right into the list of categories.

Want to know which reverb Plug-ins you own? Just go to the 'reverb' category and PlugSearch lists them for you. Or use the Plug-In info panel to see which categories are assigned, and go from there to see similar Plug-Ins.

“PlugSearch has become indispensable to me - I can’t imagine working without it.”

Marius de Vries - Grammy Award-winning composer (La La Land, Moulin Rouge)

“I can’t imagine using Logic Pro without it.”

Marc - Babylonwaves
Bochum, Germany

“This amazing app has become my new best friend. Highly recommended!”

Dan Leary - Producer/Songwriter
London, UK

“Once you start using PlugSearch, there will be no going back.”

Daniel Alcheh - Composer
Los Angeles, CA


Try PlugSearch 3 with all features for free.



PlugSearch 3 is a one-time purchase and costs $30. Purchase it now and you can use version 3 indefinitely.



Major new upgrades require an upgrade fee of $10. To upgrade from version 2, login with your user account and apply the discount code PLUGSEARCHUPGRADE at checkout


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•  Logic Pro 10.4.8 or higher
•  MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher

 * PlugSearch 3 can run as Rosetta or native Apple Silicon application, and is compatible with MacOS Ventura


PlugSearch runs as a background process in the Finder's task bar. Its key commands are only active when Logic Pro is the frontmost application.

PlugSearch uses Accessibility functionality and priviliges to detect and act on Logic Pro's user interface elements. It does not interfere with Logic Pro's default functionality.