PlugSearch Support


    PlugSearch works on:

    • macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, and Catalina
    • from Logic Pro X 10.4.5 and up
    • Chinese and Japanese languages are not supported


    To install PlugSearch:

    • Unpack the .zip file
    • Open the disc image
    • Move PlugSearch to the Applications folder
    • Open PlugSearch

      On opening for the first time, PlugSearch will ask for Accessibility privileges

      • Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy
      • Click on Accessibility in the left column
      • Unlock
      • Find PlugSearch in the right column and enable access


        To uninstall, remove the following files and folders:

        • /Applications/PlugSearch
        • ~/Library/Application Support/PlugSearch

        And, if present:

        • ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.speakerfood.plugsearch.user.agent.plist
        • ~/Preferences/com.speakerfood.PlugSearch.plist


        In order to activate PlugSearch, you need an internet connection.

        • From the menu bar icon, open Preferences
        • Click on License
        • Enter the License you received and click Activate
        • PlugSearch is now activated

        If you need assistance, please contact us.


        A purchase of PlugSearch allows you to install it on three different systems.


        By default PlugSearch starts when you login. You can change this in the Preferences, which you can open from the top menu bar icon.


        PlugSearch runs as a background menu-bar application. You can find it's icon in the top right menu-bar. From here, you can access Preferences and quit PlugSearch if you need to.


        Follow these steps:

        • Disable “Default Logic Plug-in Manager folders” in the PlugSearch preferences
        • In Logic Pro X, open Preferences -> Plug-in Manager
        • Click on “Show All” in the top left corner
        • Remove all custom names
        • Create a new category by clicking the plus sign to the right of the label Category
        • Name the new category “PlugSearch”
        • Click "Logic" in the bottom left panel
        • Select all Logic Plug-ins and drag them to the category PlugSearch

        HOW TO USE


        1. Open PlugSearch
        2. Press Control (Ctrl) on an empty Audio FX, Instrument or MIDI FX slot in Logic Pro X
        3. Type to search
        4. Hit enter, or double-click the Plug-in you want to insert

        Instead of Control, Press Command to insert:

        • a mono-stereo Audio FX on a mono insert slot
        • a double-mono Audio FX on a stereo insert slot
        • a mono or multi-output Instrument (depending on availability)

        Note: mono->stereo versions are only available for some Plug-ins, for instance "stereo delay"


        Simply start the first search word with a capital: "Wa" will list all Plug-ins made by Waves and other manufacturers who's name start with "Wa". You can refine your search by adding words without capitals, to search for Plug-ins by name. For instance, use "Wav lim" to quickly list Plug-ins by Waves that contain the string "lim" in their name.


        Press Control (Ctrl) on an occupied insert slot and PlugSearch will remove the Plug-in.


        Type "?" and hit enter. PlugSearch will enter a random Plug-in. Great way to create randomness in your production. 



        If you are using BetterTouchTool, import the BTT file that comes with the zip file. In the preferences of PlugSearch, enable 'Automatically Enable/Disable BetterTouchTool. Each time PlugSearch triggers event to the system, BTT is temporarly disabled with the key command 'command-ctrl-shift-P'.  


        • Make sure you only press control or command, and don't control-click or command-click. The mouse click was needed in V1 of PlugSearch, but was dropped with V2.
        • Check if only one instance of PlugSearch is running in the top menu-bar.


        If PlugSearch does not appear when you press control or option on an empty insert slot, please follow these steps:

        • Make sure your are running Logic Pro X 10.4.5 or up, earlier versions don't work reliably.
        • If you use Logic Pro 10.5 and open a project that was created before version 10.5, PlugSearch might not work reliably.
        • Make sure PlugSearch is running. It's icon should be visible in the top right of the system menu-bar. PlugSearch is a standalone application, not a Plug-in.
        • If you run Logic in German, Spanish or French, make sure that in the System Preferences this language is the first language. Quit and restart PlugSearch and Logic Pro X.
        • If your system language is not English, German, Spanish or French, make sure the second language is set to English so Logic runs in English. Quit and restart PlugSearch and Logic Pro to detect the correct language.
        • Remove PlugSearch from the Accessibility list in the System Preferences, restart your computer, and open PlugSearch again.

        Please note: Chinese and Japanese is not yet supported.


        MIDI Controlled Effects are different from other effects, as they are not flagged as such in their basic component description. The current version of PlugSearch doesn't support this category of Plug-ins yet. Our goal is to provide a way to incorporate them in a future update.

        ARA PLUG-INS

        PlugSearch does not list ARA Plug-ins yet, but I'm working hard to have these included in the next update.


        PlugSearch scans available Plug-ins on your system when it opens, it takes less than a second. If you installed or removed Plug-ins, you can manually rescan your Plug-ins in the Preferences window.

        Note: if you moved or renamed the following folder:


        Your system will not have a correct registry of your installed components. A restart will fix this.


        If PlugSearch inserts another Plug-in than you selected, this could be caused by the following reasons:

        • Make sure that you set up PlugSearch correctly, see the installation section of this support page.

        • If you are not using BetterTouchTool, uncheck this option from the preferences.
        • Make sure Logic's language is detected correctly, by setting English, German, Spanish or French as your first system language, or otherwise English as the second system language. Quit and restart PlugSearch to detect the system language.
        • If you are using Waves Plug-ins, you'll find a mono (m) and stereo (s) version for every Plug-in. Make sure you select a (m) for mono channels and a (s) for stereo channels, otherwise PlugSearch won't find the correct Plug-in.
        • Check if you have put all Logic Plug-ins in the PlugSearch category. If not, please add them.
        • Delete any custom names you have in Logic's Plug-in Manager.
        • If you try to insert a Plug-in that you have deactivated in Logic's Plug-in Manager or which couldn't be validated by Logic, PlugSearch will not find the Plug-in and inserts the closest match.


        Remove PlugSearch from the list of startup items in the System Preferences.


        If you are still experiencing issues, please contact me using the contact page. I usually respond within 2 to 3 business days. It really helps if you are giving as much information as you can:

        • System and Logic version
        • System language and keyboard layout
        • PlugSearch version
        • A detailed description of the problem