PlugSearch Release Notes

Version 3.1

New Features:

  • Favourites can now also be managed from the Plug-In Info Panel, by clicking the yellow Favourite star button
  • PlugSearch now supports dark or light system Appearance settings, which can be set from the Preferences window
  • Favourites can now be triggered by sending CC messages to the MIDI port set in the Preferences window. Define a CC number, and send CC values 1-127 to insert the corresponding favourite at the current or first available insert slot. Use MIDI Channel 1 for Audio FX, Channel 2 for Instruments, and Channel 3 for MIDI FX.
  • Press Option (⌥) instead of enter if you want to manually perform the last step, so you can choose between the different channel layouts (mono, stereo, multi-channel, etc.)
  • PlugSearch now supports custom categories defined in Logic. PlugSearch scans the Logic categories automatically, you can also use the Rescan button to force a rescan. An option was added to the preferences to show or hide the Logic categories.


  • A custom key-command is now properly released when changing it to Control, Command or Disabled
  • The Plug-Ins window is now resizable
  • The Preferences window now fits on smaller screens
  • PlugSearch now works on systems where inserting the Plug-In would not work
  • Plug-Ins with long names are now properly inserted
  • All icons are now correctly shown
  • Rescanning Plug-Ins now also rescans all custom names and categories
  • The Popover has been restyled to follow the Logic Pro menu styling
  • The update window can now show more information about new updates
  • The random function is now working again
  • Support for MainStage has been fixed


Version 3.0

New Features:

  • Automatic categorisation of all Plug-ins  
  • Improved search window  
  • Quick Load for first empty Plug-in slot
  • User defined favourites with dedicated shortcut
  • Plug-In info panel
  • Google, YouTube and manufacturer quick links
  • Art Conductor Pro Articulation Set search
  • Support for MainStage 3
  • Support for Selection-based Processing
  • Universal key command for search, remove & quick load
  • Automatic updates
  • Option to show original name for Plug-ins with a custom name
  • Support for Japanese and Chinese
  • Automatically hide unauthorised UAD Plug-Ins