GainControl 1.6 Support


The latest version is 1.6, and can be downloaded here.

New in version 1.6:

• GainControl now supports floating Region windows
• New keyboard shortcuts to increase, decrease, or reset Fade In and Fade Out length and curve
• GainControl also works for the velocity of MIDI regions
• Automatic check for updates
• General stability and speed improvement
• GainControl is now properly added to the user login items

Big Sur: GainControl is not officially tested with MacOS 11.1 yet. Key commands are working, but MIDI control is not. I'm working hard on a Big Sur release.


If GainControl does not change the region gain, check that:

  • It's actually running, it's icon should be visible in the top menu bar of the Finder
  • The Region window is open in the Inspector or as floating window


  • macOS High Sierra, Mojave, and Catalina
  • from Logic Pro X 10.2 to 10.6.1
  • Japanese and Chinese languages not supported


  • Unpack the .zip file
  • Double click the .pkg file
  • Open GainControl


The first time you use GainControl, it will ask permission to control System Events.

  • Click 'OK'
  • Click 'Open System Preferences'
  • Unlock to make changes
  • Enable the checkbox next to GainControl

If for some reason GainControl does not ask for Accessibility permissions, you can add it manually:

  • Open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy
  • Go to the tab 'Privacy'
  • Select 'Accessibility' from the list
  • Unlock to make changes
  • Click the plus sign and add GainControl from the Applications folder

When you use GainControl for the first time in Logic Pro, it will ask permission to operate on Logic. 


    • From the menu bar icon, open Preferences
    • Enter the license you received and click Activate
    • If you need assistance, please contact me

    A single license allows you to install it on three different systems.


    By default, GainControl starts when you login, and is added to the login items in the System Preferences. You can change this in the Preferences, which you can open from the top menu bar icon.


    PlugSearch runs as a background menu-bar application. You can find it's icon in the top right menubar of the Finder. From there, you can access Preferences and quit GainControl.


    Use the key commands to change the gain and fades of selected audio regions. You can change the key commands in the preferences window of GainControl.

    You can also use MIDI messages to change the gain. You can set the input port and CC number in the preferences.